Easy Welding Projects for Beginners You Can Do in Your Garage Workshop

easy welding projects for beginners

Welding is quite a versatile activity because it can be used to build, fix, and decorate different metal objects. Despite the apparent complexity, welding is actually an accessible hobby that can be done even in a modest home garage. Thus, beginner welders who want to gain practice start with small projects. Here’s a list of basic welding projects to make creative pieces you can be proud of.

Project #1: Welding Table

A welding table is an essential piece of equipment in any welding environment. It offers a strong base on which your projects can be placed. The welding table is a top-notch beginner project that will allow you to boost your skills while creating a functional addition to your garage workshop.

For a simple welding table, you only require steel tubing, an angle iron, and a flat steel plate or wire mesh. Start by shaping the steel parts into the required sizes. Use a chop saw or an angle grinder fitted with a cut-off wheel. The next step is to join the frame by welding the tubing and angle iron in order to have a strong and square frame. After the frame has been constructed, the next step is to fix the top surface, which could be a solid steel plate or a mesh grid. To make the unit even more versatile, you can incorporate a bottom shelf for storage of tools and supplies.

Always put on the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and get a reliable welding cart at hand. Maintain solid ventilation in the workplace. Take your time, practice good welding techniques, and you’ll get a custom welding table.

Project #2: Steel Fire Pit

An open-air fireplace is a popular gathering spot for friends and family. Such a project will definitely improve your welding skills as well as bring a functional focal point to your outdoor living space.

For the firepit project, use steel pipe or tubing for the main ring and a steel plate for the base. The first step is to saw the steel pieces into the required size and slope. Next, join the steel pipes or tubing to form the main ring structure. Then mount the base plate to the bottom of the ring to provide a stable surface. As an option, you can add a spark guard or any other accessories if you want to improve the appearance of the fire pit.

Safety should always be a consideration when dealing with fire pits. Comply with all local ordinances and requirements for open flames. Make sure the fire pit is set on a nonflammable base and not directly under any structure or trees. If safety measures are observed, then your custom-welded fire pit will be a source of comfort for years.

man welding garage storage racks

Project #3: Garage Storage Racks

All garage workshops use smart storage solutions. So, welding your own storage racks is a practical exercise that also helps to demonstrate your welding skills. These racks can be designed for your personal needs. So you can store your tools and equipment in a convenient way.

For the construction of storage racks, you will require steel angle iron for the frames and wire mesh or solid shelving for the storage platforms. First, determine the layout and size of your racks based on the space you have and the items you want to store. Cut the angle iron to the appropriate lengths and weld them together to form the frame. Once the frame is done, add the shelving or wire mesh surfaces and make sure that they are properly fixed.

Garage racks not only help to get rid of clutter but also allow you to keep all the bare essentials at hand. The idea is to try different options like moving shelves or pull-out racks to make the most out of the storage unit.

Project #4: Garden Arches or Trellises

Add new colors to your garden by welding the decorative arches or trellises. These structures are not only beautiful additions to your landscape but also offer support to climbers to give your green space that magical touch.

For this project, you will need materials such as steel rods or rebar for the main arches. Bring wire mesh or lattice panels for the ornamental parts. First, curve the steel rods to the required arch forms using a basic stand or a bending machine. After getting each arch, join them to make a strong structure. Then, fix wire mesh or lattice panels on the frame to form the patterns that will determine how your plants are going to grow.

For stability, firmly fix the lower part of the arch or trellis to the ground using concrete or any other technique. Think outside the box and design more elaborate patterns. Consider adding decorative ornaments at the top or even including the plant containers in the overall structure.

man welding flower

Project #5: Metal Outdoor Art

If you want to bring some artistic edge to your outdoor space, then welding art is a nice idea! You can create anything from an animal figure to a geometric pattern. For this project, you will require different steel parts in the form of rods, tubes, plates, or even scrap metal objects like old tools or spare parts. The type of materials that you will use depends on the design that you want to achieve. Overall, the concept of metal outdoor art is all about turning ordinary materials into extraordinary pieces.

Draw your concept of the design on paper or look for inspiration on the Internet or in gardening magazines. After deciding on a concept, assemble the required materials. Begin slicing, folding, and forming the parts to create your masterpiece. Some of the welding methods that will be used when joining the different parts include tack welding, butt welding, and fillet welding.

When your sculpture is done, add a solid pedestal or bury it with reinforcement bars or mounting plates. This will prevent your masterpiece from being tipped off by strong winds or storms. If you take the necessary measures and protect your metal art from harsh conditions, it will turn into an eye-catching piece to complement your outdoor space.


Welding is an outstanding craft that can be practiced by anyone who has an interest in working with metal. Try these beginner projects to hone your experience in your garage workshop while creating useful goods.

The more you practice, the better your welding skills will become. Do not be disheartened by your early blunders; rather, try to understand them and go on improving. With more confidence, you can move to higher levels and engage in more challenging projects, thus expanding the scope of DIY projects.

Learn to enjoy creation and make your garage workshop a place where your creativity and welding skills will come in handy. If you are willing to learn, you will be surprised at the number of things you can do with a welding torch.