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heavy duty workbench
workbench with drawers
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Heavy Duty Workbench, With Drawers - Dyco Ventures

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Finding a certain tool when you're knee-deep in a job is a common inconvenience. It throws you off, you lose concentration, and your output decreases. Stop adding extra time and trouble to your projects. Go with the unmatched durability and quality organization that Dyco Ventures delivers.

When Will I Get My Workbench?

These workbenches generally ship in two to four weeks from the time of order.

Forged in Steel: A Worthwhile Workbench

Dyco Venture's steel workbench is worth every penny of your investment. It's a laborer's dream. Whether you're looking to increase productivity at a commercial shop or you need a no-nonsense addition to your garage workstation, this is the right workbench for you.

Offering the unparalleled standards Dyco is known for, this heavy duty workbench is a no-frills, straightforward boost to your work area. All business, it's meant to get the job done with pure and simple dedication.

The Specifics

Available in red, grey, blue, lime green, or dark green, the Dyco steel workbench has twelve drawers, each with a capacity of 300 pounds. This will handle all your serious storage needs without issue. This workbench features locking drawers to keep your tools safe. 

Its 11-gauge stainless steel top sits over a wood substrate, making the roughest and toughest tasks comfortably manageable. At a height of 37.6 inches and a generous work table surface depth of over 30 inches, this spacious bench ensures that projects large and small will get done with ease.

The Extras

Make your heavy duty steel workbench even better by combining some special features. Crafted from 16-gauge steel, Dyco Drawer Dividers enhance tool organization. For added protection and slip-resistance, Dyco Drawer Liners offer a custom fit for your drawers.

Decide on Dyco

The driving force behind Dyco Ventures is streamlined efficiency and durability for maximum output. We stake our reputation on it. You're assured total satisfaction with every purchase. Don't put your money into a flimsy workbench that won't stand the test of time. Invest in strength and lifelong service. Heavy-duty tool storage is what Dyco does, and Dyco does it right!


  • 300lbs drawer capacity.
  • 11-gauge stainless steel top over a 1.5-inch wood substrate.
  • 12 Drawers
  • 37.6 inches high work surface
  • 30 inch deep work surface top